Wiki Description

The mission of MarketIQ is to pursue consumer empowerment through the sharing of data that can facilitate informed purchasing decisions.

Above all, MarketIQ values free markets made of empowered and informed consumers. It is our belief that free markets function best when there is greater transparency between consumers and businesses.

At its core, MarketIQ also values community. In order to most effectively empower consumers, and by extension influence positive business practices, it is necessary that we value the power of individuals sharing their knowledge in an open environment.

By utilizing wiki technology, MarketIQ brings consumer empowerment through the community of cyberspace and the endless capacity of open sourcing information.

Community Information

Naturally, MarketIQ will begin with a community of friends and family interested in providing for an informed marketplace. But MarketIQ will be relevant to all from the start; everyone will be invited to join.

Currently, the community for such a wiki exists across the web: from product mavens, who supply and demand ratings and reviews on products and services, to social activists, who look to inform users about the social impact of their purchases. I plan to recruit many of these internet users to help build MarketIQ and foster its full potential.

Extra Information

MarketIQ is a place to collect and share information about companies doing business and products being sold. To determine what kind of information is valuable to such a broad mission, is simply to ask yourself: What information do I as a consumer value?:

Purchasing Knowledge: *General product information *Consumer, business and product ratings *Customer reviews

Customer Support: *Contact information *Customer feedback *Recall alerts *Affiliated services

Geographic Interests: *Where companies are based *Where companies do business *Where companies create jobs

Social Conscious: *Environmental record *Labor practices *Political affiliations *Employee policies *Charitable works

Sales & Marketing Information: *Marketing practices *Advertising strategies *Current promotions *Sponsorships and endorsers *Demographic concerns

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